Pocket Grandma

your brief, daily interactive livestream to make your day richer, easier and more interesting

REAL CONVERSATIONS … are held in a virtual cafe as close as your smart phone or laptop.
It’s your chance to have a brief but meaningful conversation with a professional coach and to learn from coaching conversations with others – all for $3.00 – less than the price of a latte.

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I’m not here to give advice or
sell you an expensive program.
I’m here to bring out the solutions
you already have within you.

Address any family, work and relationship concerns you like. Deep dive beneath the storms at the surface of your life. For example,
LONELINESS – in these times is a thing and nothing to be ashamed of. A little coaching can show you how to take the edge off, how to restore balance to your perspective.

IRRITATIONS – What is it that’s got you off-balance? Fill in the blank: I can’t stand it when (s)he … If only (s)he wouldn’t … I wish they would …
Imagine a balanced you in the midst of real challenges: that’s what I’m here for.
Being off-balance isn’t you – it’s just a habitual way of thinking that’s turned into a constant stress for your nervous system. You can be free of it.

MICRO CHOICES – How could you transform your day-to-day life from a rock pile into a garden?
Explore how to get a handle on turning daily tasks from something to be endured into something to look forward to.

FORGIVENESS – Our nervous systems hold what others have done to us. This is actually painful: it darkens our day, sometimes weighing us down as if we were carrying a sack of concrete.
We’re triggered over and over and it hurts. I’ll show you how to check whether something is still in your nervous system and how to release it.


Painful things our ancestors didn’t deal with come bumping down the generations, some of them landing in us. It’s called Epigenetics.
Traumas and loss from prior generations can literally control your life. If you’re the recipient of such displaced pain, there’s away you can be freed of it once and for all.

Trauma in Our Lifetimes
The majority of us suffered adverse childhood experiences.
These may include psychological abuse, neglect, abandonment, sexual abuse, physical violence, and so much more. Often these leave a residue in our nervous system.
Fears of abandonment explode into adult life in situations that might otherwise be trivial. There is a simple, quick and direct way to cleanse your nervous system of the garbage of the past.